Reliable funding for your real estate needs. We fund quickly in a no-nonsense approach.


  • Simple, No-Nonsense Approach
  • Customer service is our #1 priority
  • Fast closings in as little as a week
  • Can close loans in over 35 states
  • Commercial, Residential and Land
  • Over 20 years in originating loans
  • Over 50 years of real estate development experience
  • Yieldi leverages technology for transparency

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We pride ourselves on our unique programs: we offer both Commercial and Residential Loan Programs to borrowers & brokers seeking to work with Yieldi

Conrad C

"Yieldi has been a long time partner to our business. They are great with communication, availability, willingness to answer questions and handling the mechanics of the deal leveraging technology all along the way."

Brian S

“I ran into a need to an immediate need to fund my business and owe a big thank you to the Yieldi team. The team was able to help me refinance my property in a week and help me get the cash flow I needed. Thank you Yieldi!”

Loan FAQs

  • Why do people use Private Lenders?

    People use private money because many real estate investors need quick responses and funding to secure a deal. Banks and other institutional lenders generally are not very good at this and can take a lot of your time and effort. Investors normally use Yieldi in cases when they either do not have the time, credit, or patience to deal with a traditional bank. Real estate investors can also leverage their money to complete multiple projects by closing quickly. This is also typically much cheaper than teaming up with an equity partner as our costs are fixed throughout the life of the project

  • What are some of the advantages of working with Yieldi?

    Some of the advantages of borrowing from Yieldi are:

    •  A much less complicated application process is required for the lender to make a final loan decision.
    • Fast approval and funding. Yieldi will review your application and provide you with a loan quote within 24 hours!
    • With our real estate development background, we have the ability to fund just about any type of project.
    • Our online portals keep transparency with you through the entire process.
  • Do you work with brokers?

    Yes, Yieldi has an extensive network of brokers.  Please check out our brokers page to learn more

  • What are the typical loan amounts and terms?

    Yieldi targets loans between $350,000 and $25,000,000.  We do have the ability to go above and below these thresholds on a case by case basis.  Typically, Yieldi loans can close in as little as one week and are between 6 months and 24 months with a renewal option.

  • Are there minimum credit requirements to obtain a loan?

    No, Yieldi lends money based on the value of the underlying property. Typically we do not run credit checks or require personal financial statements.

  • What is the maximum Loan To Value?

    Yieldi bases our Loan To Value (LTV) calculations on our in-house valuation of the property. The maximum LTV in most cases is 70%.

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