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Access Offerings

Via email, you will be invited to access the newest offerings as they are made available

Invest $100,000 at 8% interest

You identify an investment opportunity and commit to an investment amount

Funds Wallet

Funds are added to your Yieldi wallet for the investment

Loan Agreement

At closing, you will receive a participation agreement for the loan

Borrowers Pay

The borrower’s payment is paid automatically on the 1st of the month via ACH

Investors Get Paid

Investors are paid by the 15th of the month. A payment of $666.67 will be automatically deposited into your account

Get 1099 at End of Year

At the end of the year, you will receive 1099 for any interest paid to you


At loan maturity, you will have the opportunity to receive your money back or reinvest it

We pride ourselves on our unique programs: we offer both Commercial and Residential Investment to investors seeking to invest with Yieldi

Featured Offerings

New ConstructionResidential

Indianapolis, IN

Term Remaining 12 Months
Offering Size $340,000
Investment Range $25,000-$500,000
Commercial: Bridge Lending,Construction

Atlanta, GA

Term Remaining 15 Months
Offering Size $2,180,000
Investment Range $10,000-$750,000
Commercial: Cash-Out Refinance

Rome, GA

Term Remaining 12 Months
Offering Size $875,000
Investment Range $25,000-$250,000
Bryan Kujawski

“Yieldi is a very attractive 'bucket' for investment for a number of reasons: the deals are carefully vetted and I can pick and choose exactly which deals I like best, all the deals have an excellent LTV and are always first mortgages which is great protection and, importantly, the amount I invest is totally flexible. Oh, and getting ~10% is very competitive. I wish Yieldi was around years ago!”

jay-parkerJay Parker

"I've always wanted to invest in real estates in some way but didn't know how to begin and didn't have the time to figure it out. I'm thrilled that Joe and Josh took all the confusion away from investing. I feel like they take care of all the details and keep me informed on the progress. I love seeing what dividends I have earned. Thanks Yieldi!”

Investment FAQs

  • Who can invest in these offerings?

    Yieldi, LLC is an SEC registered investment adviser (RIA) that manages funds issuing securities under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933. As a result, under current SEC regulation we are required by law to verify that all of our investors are accredited. 

    You can submit our subscription agreement to a third party such as your CPA or lawyer who will validate your status on your behalf.

    If you qualify based on income (the requirement is $200K/yr for the past two years as an individual, or $300K/yr if joint, and reasonably expect the same for current year), you can upload your W2 documents for the two most recent tax years.

    If you qualify based on net worth either alone or with a spouse (you’re required to have a net worth that exceeds $1M, excluding the value of your primary residence), you can upload bank/brokerage statements that show assets, as well as a report to show liabilities.

  • How do I make my first investment?

    First, you’ll need to set up your account. To begin, click the “Sign Up” button on the homepage. After completing your investor profile, you’ll be able to participate in an investment offering. To make your first investment, simply login to the Yieldi platform, visit the offering page and then click on the individual offering. Next, enter your desired investment amount, noting the investment minimum, and then click “Invest Now.” You’ll then arrive at a page finalizing how you would like to fund your investment.

  • How do I fund my investment?

    Once you submit an investment allocation, an ACH draft from your external bank account will be initiated. This ACH transfer will be initiated at the time of your investment request.

  • How are investment offerings structured?

    Investments on Yieldi are structured using a borrower payment dependent notes (BPDN). Borrower payment dependent notes (BPDN) are debt obligations of Yieldi that are tied to the performance of a loan made by Yieldi. BPDN helps Yieldi structure debt transactions more efficiently by allowing for a greater number of investors in a given transaction, and lower investment minimums. 

  • Do these investments have risk?

    Like any investment, investment offerings on Yieldi carry investment risk, which should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Prospective investors are urged to read the risk factors for each applicable offering. We strive to list investments on Yieldi that are backed by strong collateral, provide attractive returns, and have low correlation to the overall stock market.

    Yieldi works to assess investment risk by maintaining a stringent process for vetting our borrowers and originators, while making each deal transparent to our investors. Our diligence process is all done internally where we underwrite the borrowers and the asset based on a very conservative model. 

    Other risk factors that investors need to be aware of are:

    • Default risk: The risk that the borrower will not be able to repay the associated interest and principal on a particular loan.
    • Principal risk: The possibility that a lender won’t get back some or all of the principal balance (the amount that they had originally invested).
    • Duration risk: The borrower could pay back the loan amount earlier or later than the expected offering length. All durations associated with Yieldi investment offerings are “target durations.” While we do everything we can to hit these targets, in certain situations an offering can end or extend before or after that target duration.
    • Inconvenience risk: Investors will not have access to their invested funds until the investment fully matures, thus reducing liquidity.
  • What is Yieldi’s due diligence process?

    Because of our extensive real estate background and experience, we are able to underwrite borrowers and assets with a very thorough process. We require background checks, soft credit pulls, personal financial statements and business statements on the borrowers.  In regards to the real estate, we run internal appraisals and opinions of value, external appraisals, inspection reports etc.

  • How does Yieldi get paid?

    The displayed and advertised target return for all offerings on the Yieldi platform are net of our management and listing fees.

    Yieldi collects an on average 2.5% management fee on all offerings from investors annually. These fees are disclosed on the individual offering pages for each investment opportunity. In certain circumstances, Yieldi may also collect an origination fee from the borrower at loan closing.  

    There are also flat annual fund expenses investors are responsible for per investment.