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Why Yieldi?

All Yieldi offerings are asset-based, meaning your investment is backed by validated collateral such as a Real Estate, Commercial and Residential property. This collateral acts as principal protection in the unlikely case a borrower defaults.

Our Approach

Yieldi Marketplace Performance

Marketplace performance subtitle: Since our inception, the Yieldi Marketplace has closed over 500 real estate investment offerings in over 24 states.


Capital Raised

Total funds invested through the Yieldi Marketplace


Overall Property Values

Total property values for all projects on the Yieldi Marketplace


Average Loan to Value

Yieldi maintains its rapid growth while continuing to be focused on a very good loan to value ratio

Featured Offerings

Residential: Buy & Hold

Benson, NC

Term Remaining 9 Months
Offering Size $585,000
Investment Range $20,000-$500,000
Commercial: Bridge Lending

Margate, FL

Term Remaining 6 Months
Offering Size $2,700,000
Investment Range $5,000-$1,000,000
Commercial: Bridge Lending

East Hampton, NY

Term Remaining 8 Months
Offering Size $3,150,000
Investment Range $10,000-$1,000,000

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