Investment Basics

Covid19 And its impact on private lending

Covid-19 has caused harm in all markets, and leveraged finance is no exception. There are a lot of key issues for borrowers and lenders alike to consider while navigating these rocky and uncertain times. Yieldi’s Finance team has experience in a wide range of loan restructuring available to help you think through critical issues and tough decisions ahead.

Liquidity Needs

Borrowers are being stressed by the disruption to the economy and short term impact on revenues and market uncertainty. Many borrowers depending on steady cash flow to fund operations are facing an immediate liquidity crunch. From the lender perspective, short term funding sources are challenged, even as the Feds announce new support to the financial markets and inject funds into the system.

How Can We Help?

Yieldi is still active during these uncertain times, we are looking at this as an opportunity to stay committed to our borrowers and investors. We have done a good job managing the uncertainty while maintaining 100% of our commitments to investors and borrowers.