Investment Basics

Get the most out of your Yieldi account

At Yieldi we remove the “difficulty” of investing in Real Estate Assets. We recommend you take your hard earned money and put it into investments so that your money is working for you. Everyone’s goal is to be able to live off passive income streams. And that’s why we formed Yieldi to help people achieve their financial goals. Why be stuck earning 1% in a savings account when you can earn 9% and be secured by an Real Estate asset?

Here are a few easy steps to get the most out of your Yieldi account:

You don’t wake up one day and run a mile in under 5 minutes… You train and work hard to achieve that kind of success. Your Yieldi investment approach should be the same, take time to become comfortable and start slow. Over time you will grow with us at a steady pace.

Skip the volatility of the stock market and invest in a more consistent approach. You wouldn’t buy a convertible in a city that has rain 200 days a year, but if you knew it only rained Monday mornings and Tuesday nights then you would be more inclined to buy that convertible. Just like with investing it’s better to know what your returns are going to be than assuming. Invest in assets you can drive by and see, the consistency of real estate investing will help you plan out your future.

Start small and don’t risk your rainy day money. Our Yieldi Managers are available to speak with any investors about our process and opportunities. Please just call us