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Boston Multi-Family

Boston, MA

Excellent investment opportunity in Boston! Historic five-story brick row house to be converted into a two-family condominium with a total livable area of 4,592 square feet and located in the north side of the historic Charlestown neighborhood across from the Training Field.

Annual Interest 6%
Term Remaining 12 Mo.
Payment Monthly
Maturity 07/15/2021

    Min. Investment 25K

    Why We Like This Opportunity

    Property attributes

    This historic property is 80% completed for conversion to a two-family condominium. The total livable area for the building will be 4,592 square feet. The property is located on a 2,136-square foot site and on the northern side of Adams Street in Charlestown. The owner acquired the building in February 2017. To date, the borrower has over 4,000,000 invested in the property.

    Location Attributes

    This property is located on the north side of Adams Street in historic Charlestown and just across from the Training Field.

    Rental Income


    The first-priority mortgage lien position is the most senior and highest priority within the capital structure. In the event that a borrower defaults, the lien priority determines the order in which lenders are repaid. Senior lenders are always repaid first. All subordinated positions, including the amount held by the Originator and its investor syndicate, act as a buffer in the event of a deterioration in the Properties’ value.

    Personal Guaranty

    The Loans are personally guaranteed by the borrow, spouse, and all principals in the LLC. Additionally, the Sponsor and/or Guarantor are obligated to contribute monthly payments to maintain a tax and insurance reserve. Failure to adhere to reserve contribution requirements would lead to the triggering of a debt service and operating expense/shortfall guarantee.


    Collateral Coverage

    % of the appraised value of the Properties. The value of the Collateral securing the Loans would have to decrease by over % from its appraised value before the amount of the Loans would exceed the value of the collateral securing them.”}” data-sheets-userformat=”{“2″:15171,”3”:{“1″:0},”4”:{“1″:2,”2″:16777215},”9″:0,”11″:4,”12″:0,”14”:{“1″:2,”2″:7238},”15″:”Arial”,”16″:10}”>The Loans represents 61% of the appraised value of the Properties. The value of the Collateral securing the Loans would have to decrease by over 39% from its appraised value before the amount of the Loans would exceed the value of the collateral securing them.


    Tax Document
    Offering Structure

    Sample Annual Return

    Investment Amount
    Annual Return

    What Should I Consider?


    Default Risk

    The Borrower may default on his financial obligations.

    Risk Mitigation

    • If the Loans are not fully repaid after the Lender has exhausted other sources of repayment, the Sponsor has provided a personal guaranty to fulfill any deficiency.
    • In the event of a default, a direction letter signed at closing by the Borrower will be sent redirecting the Tenant to make rent payments into an account controlled by the Originator.


    Borrower Risk

    The Borrower may not have represented itself accurately.

    Risk Mitigation

    • The Originator checks the Borrower’s credit history via a third-party credit reporting company.  The Borrower has a 700 credit score.
    • The Originator considers the underlying asset to be the primary source of security.
    • If the Loans are not fully repaid after the Lender has exhausted other sources of repayment, the Borrower has provided a personal guaranty to fulfill any deficiency.


    Vacancy Risk

    The Tenant may vacate the leased properties.

    Risk Mitigation

    • The Tenant is an investment grade rated company with sizable financial resources.
    • Under the triple-net leases, the Tenant is under multi-year contract to pay rent with no option to terminate.
    • If the Tenant decides not to renew any of the leases or to vacate the leased premises, the Borrower will pay for an appraisal of the property “as vacant” and the borrower will have to provide the additional cash collateral and/or pay down the loan (or any combination in between) within ten days of receipt of the appraisal in order to bring the property back to an LTV.


    Investment Summary

    The Borrower is seeking $1.5 million to begin the construction of a 70 unit multifamily complex.  If the Loan is not fully repaid after the Lender has exhausted other sources of repayment, the Sponsor has provided a personal guaranty to fulfill any deficiency (“Guarantor”). The proceeds of the Loan will be used to begin the construction of the facade of a 70 unit multifamily complex.

    Investors have an opportunity to invest in borrower payment dependent notes, the cash flow of which is dependent on the payment of interest and principal repayment on the Loans. Investors are scheduled to receive an annualized monthly interest payment of 9.5% over the Loans’ estimated remaining term of 12 months. Principal is expected to be returned on or before maturity through a refinancing with a traditional bank loan. It is important to note that the Loans are eligible for prepayment, and principal may be repaid prior to the 12-month estimated remaining term. If the Loans are paid off before maturity, investors are expected to receive at least three months of interest payments in addition to return of principal.


    What Secures This Investment?

    The Loans are secured by a first-priority mortgage lien on the real estate assets with an appraised value of $6.1M. The aggregate senior participation is $1.5M, which results in a loan-to-value ratio of 25%.

    Based upon a recent CMA from CBRE the property has an estimated “As Is” value of $62 per square foot, approximately $6.1M, and the borrower estimate the ARV will be at $24M- $27M, based upon his projections.  We agree with his valuation and here is why:
    Once completed, the property will be a 70 unit Multifamily complex. The borrower has obtained an executed 10yr lease that’s paying $160k per month. The tenant, Stay Alfred, is a Nationally recognized Airbnb/Corporate Housing company with properties in all of the major Metro areas.

    How Do I Get Paid?

    This loan had an initial term of 12 months with an option at Yieldi’s discretion to extend for an additional 12% if needed. As of July 1, 2020 there are 12 months remaining. Investors will immediately receive monthly interest payments at an annualized rate of 9.5% on the principal balance over the life of the loan. If you invest in this loan in the middle of a month, you will receive a prorated interest payment for your investment for your first investment month and then full monthly payments thereafter.  All payments are made automatically via ACH on the 1st of each month and investors all paid by the 10th of the month.


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