Hard Money and Private Loans in Ohio


Yieldi has significant experience funding loans in Ohio, We provide hard money loans in the state of Ohio. Yieldi can close quickly in the state of Ohio for all of your hard money loans including Fix & Flip, Construction, Buy & Hold and any other hard money loan needs you may have.

Why Choose Yieldi as Your Hard Money Lender in Ohio

Ohio, the Heartland state, is a mosaic of thriving urban centers, serene countryside, and robust industrial hubs. From the energetic vibes of Columbus to the historic allure of Cleveland and the innovation buzz in Cincinnati, Ohio presents a diverse array of property prospects.

At Yieldi, we’re here to be more than just your lender—we aim to be your compass in navigating Ohio’s rich real estate terrain. Let’s explore the Buckeye State’s opportunities together.

1. Buckeye State Insights: We’ve got a pulse on Ohio’s property market, understanding its varied facets from Akron to Dayton.

2. Experience You Can Trust: With a team seasoned in Ohio’s real estate nuances, we offer guidance you can bank on.

3. Loans that Fit Your Vision: Ohio’s vastness calls for varied loan options. We’ve got the right one tailored for your aspirations.

4. Swift and Sure Decisions: In Ohio’s dynamic market, time is of the essence. Trust us for prompt lending decisions.

5. It’s All About the Property: We evaluate the true potential and value of the Ohio property you desire, beyond just credit scores.

6. Transparent Terms, No Curveballs: Yieldi stands for clarity. We lay out all terms and rates openly, ensuring you’re never in the dark.

7. Success Stories: We’ve been instrumental in turning many an Ohioan real estate dream into reality.

8. Solid Proof When You Need It: Step into negotiations confidently with our swift proof of funds backing you up.

Teaming up with Yieldi means aligning with a partner who’s as invested in Ohio’s real estate promise as you are. From urban centers to the tranquil countryside, we’re with you every stride of the way.

Ohio Hard Money Loan Programs

  • 10-14% Interest Rates
  • Loan fee of 2-4 Points
  • $0.00 Documentation Fees
  • Loans from $75,000 to $5,000,000
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Bridge Loans
  • New Construction / Fix & Flips
  • Buy & Hold and more
  • Loans to Company or LLC
  • Can close in as little as one week
  • Up to 70% Loan to Value
  • No Credit Minimums
  • Columbus Hard Money Loans
  • Dayton Hard Money Loans
  • Cleveland Hard Money Loans
  • Cincinnati Hard Money Loans and all cities in Ohio
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