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South Carolina

Yieldi has significant experience funding loans in South Carolina, We provide hard money loans in the state of South Carolina. Yieldi can close quickly in the state of South Carolina for all of your hard money loans including Fix & Flip, Construction, Buy & Hold and any other hard money loan needs you may have.

Why Choose Yieldi as Your Hard Money Lender in South Carolina

South Carolina, a treasure trove of coastal charm, historic cities, and lush countryside, beckons real estate enthusiasts with plenty of investment opportunities. From the seaside allure of Charleston to the vibrant spirit of Columbia, the Palmetto State’s real estate spectrum is as diverse as its landscape.

As a trusted hard money lender in South Carolina, Yieldi is not just here to fund your endeavors but to partner with you in crafting success stories across this beautiful state.

Here’s why Yieldi is the perfect hard money lender in South Carolina:

1. Palmetto State Proficiency: We’re deeply connected to South Carolina’s real estate market, understanding its ebb and flow from Greenville to Myrtle Beach.

2. A Team with South Carolina Savvy: Drawing from a wealth of local insights, our experts provide guidance tailored to the state’s unique real estate flavor.

3. Customized Hard Money Loans: Recognizing South Carolina’s diversity, we offer hard money loans in South Carolina that perfectly align with each investor’s vision.

4. Rapid and Reliable Decisions: The real estate scene here moves quickly, and so do we. Count on us for swift lending choices to grab those prime opportunities.

5. Beyond Credit, the Property Speaks: Our evaluation gives weight to the property’s inherent value and potential in the South Carolina market.

6. Clear Terms, No Surprises: As a preferred hard money lender in South Carolina, we prioritize transparency, providing crystal clear terms and rates.

7. A Trail of Triumphs: In South Carolina, our legacy is paved with numerous investor success stories, a testament to our dedication.

8. Proof in Your Pocket: Step into South Carolina property deals with confidence, backed by our prompt proof of funds.

By choosing Yieldi, you’re not just opting for a hard money lender—you’re gaining a partner who cherishes and understands the nuances of South Carolina’s real estate environment. From coastal gems to inland retreats, we’re here to fuel your ambitions.

South Carolina Hard Money Loan Programs

  • 10-14% Interest Rates
  • Loan fee of 2-4 Points
  • $0.00 Documentation Fees
  • Loans from $75,000 to $5,000,000
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Bridge Loans
  • New Construction / Fix & Flips
  • Buy & Hold and more
  • Loans to Company or LLC
  • Can close in as little as one week
  • Up to 70% Loan to Value
  • No Credit Minimums
  • Charleston Hard Money Loans
  • Greenville Hard Money Loans
  • Myrtle Beach Hard Money Loans
  • Hilton Head Hard Money Loans
  • Columbia Hard Money Loans and all of South Carolina
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