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Why Investing in First Position Mortgages is the Safest Alternative Investment for Accredited Investors


For accredited investors, the landscape of alternative investments is vast and varied. With options ranging from equity deals to small business loans, it can be overwhelming to determine the safest and most lucrative path. One investment vehicle that stands out for its security and stability is first position mortgages. This article will delve into why first position mortgages present the safest alternative investment compared to other options available to accredited investors.

Understanding First Position Mortgages

A first position mortgage, also known as a first lien or senior lien, is a loan that has the primary claim on a property in the event of default. This means that if the borrower defaults on their loan, the first position mortgage holder has the first right to receive proceeds from the sale of the property before any other creditors are paid.

Why First Position Mortgages Are the Safest Alternative Investment

**1. Priority in Repayment

When it comes to repayments, first position mortgages hold the highest priority. In the unfortunate event of a foreclosure, the proceeds from the property sale are used to pay off the first position mortgage before any other liens or debts. This significantly reduces the risk of loss for the investor.

**2. Collateralized Security

Unlike equity deals or small business loans, first position mortgages are backed by real property. This means that there is a tangible asset securing the investment. Even if the borrower defaults, the investor has a claim on a valuable asset that can be sold to recover the invested capital.

**3. Lower Volatility

First position mortgages tend to be less volatile compared to equity investments. Real estate markets, while subject to fluctuations, generally experience slower and more predictable changes in value compared to the stock market or small business environments. This stability provides a safer investment landscape for accredited investors.

**4. Predictable Cash Flow

Investing in first position mortgages often provides a predictable and steady stream of income through interest payments. This is in contrast to equity investments, where returns are dependent on the performance of the company, or small business loans, which can be influenced by the success or failure of the business.

Comparing First Position Mortgages to Other Alternative Investments

Equity Deals

Equity deals involve purchasing shares in a company, often in a private placement or startup scenario. While the potential for high returns exists, so does the potential for significant loss. The value of equity investments can fluctuate wildly based on market conditions, company performance, and investor sentiment.

Small Business Loans

Investing in small business loans can be attractive due to high interest rates and potential for supporting local enterprises. However, small businesses have a higher risk of default, particularly in volatile economic conditions. The lack of collateral in many small business loans also increases the risk for investors.

Other Alternative Investment Vehicles

Other alternative investments, such as peer-to-peer lending, cryptocurrency, or hedge funds, come with their own sets of risks. Peer-to-peer lending, for instance, can offer high returns but lacks the security of physical collateral. Cryptocurrency investments are notoriously volatile and subject to regulatory changes. Hedge funds require significant capital and come with high fees and complex investment strategies that may not be suitable for all investors.

Benefits of First Position Mortgages for Accredited Investors

**1. Risk Mitigation

The primary benefit of investing in first position mortgages is the mitigation of risk. The security of real estate collateral, combined with the priority in repayment, provides a significant safety net for investors.

**2. Income Stability

First position mortgages offer a stable income stream through regular interest payments. This predictability can be especially appealing for accredited investors seeking reliable cash flow.

**3. Asset Protection

With a first position mortgage, the investment is tied to a physical asset. This provides a level of protection not found in other alternative investments. Even in a worst-case scenario, the property can be sold to recover the investment.

**4. Diversification

First position mortgages can be an excellent addition to a diversified investment portfolio. They provide a balance against more volatile investments, helping to stabilize overall portfolio performance.


What is a first position mortgage?

A first position mortgage is a loan that holds the primary claim on a property in the event of default. It is secured by the property, giving the lender the first right to proceeds from a sale if the borrower defaults.

Why are first position mortgages considered safe investments?

First position mortgages are considered safe because they are secured by real property and have priority in repayment over other debts. This reduces the risk of loss for investors.

How do first position mortgages compare to equity deals?

First position mortgages are generally less volatile and more secure than equity deals, as they are backed by real estate and provide priority in repayment. Equity deals, on the other hand, can offer higher returns but come with higher risks.

What are the risks of investing in first position mortgages?

While first position mortgages are relatively safe, they are not without risk. The primary risks include borrower default and fluctuations in real estate market values. However, the security of the property often mitigates these risks.

Can first position mortgages provide a steady income?

Yes, first position mortgages typically provide a steady income through regular interest payments, making them an attractive option for investors seeking predictable cash flow.

Are first position mortgages a good addition to a diversified portfolio?

Absolutely. First position mortgages offer stability and security, making them an excellent complement to more volatile investments in a diversified portfolio.


For accredited investors seeking a safe and stable alternative investment, first position mortgages present a compelling option. The priority in repayment, collateralized security, lower volatility, and predictable cash flow make them stand out compared to equity deals, small business loans, and other alternative investment vehicles. By investing in first position mortgages, investors can achieve a balanced and secure investment portfolio that aligns with their financial goals.