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    Our Latest Offering

    Invest indirectly in a $3.77M first mortgage loan backed by a beautiful mountain view estate home, in an ultra upscale neighborhood of Franklin, TN .

    Legends Ridge Court, Franklin TN
    Legends Ridge Court, Franklin TN
    • Value: $5,800,000
    • Loan Amount: $3,770,000
    • LTV: 65%
    • Interest Rate: 6%
    • Loan Term: 12 Months (with 1 option to extend for an additional 6 months)
    • Maximum Investment: $500,000
    • Minimum Investment Amount: $25,000

    Property Details 

    Yieldi is proud to present an exclusive offering to IRA Financial clients. A Real Estate debt offering backed by an ultra luxury property in Franklin, TN. IRA FInancial clients will be in a first priority mortgage position backed by a 9,500 square foot mediterranean home that sits on a hilltop with incredible views. This new construction mansion has 6 bedrooms, 6 full baths and 2 half bathrooms. It has an infinity edge pool that overlooks miles and miles of mountain tops. It is near shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, and schools. The home was just completed and has 3.38 acres of land. 

    Neighborhood Details 

    The exquisite custom estate homes of Legends Ridge offer more than ample space, with a degree of sophistication and style unsurpassed in the Franklin area. These well-appointed estate homes are some of the most sought-after in Williamson County and rest on 1-4 acre gorgeously landscaped lots.  Residents can enjoy a wide variety of amenities at Legends Ridge. For the outdoor enthusiast, the more than 35 acres of trail-lined, expertly manicured and landscaped common areas and green spaces offer a retreat to nature. Relax lakeside and share fish stories at the 3.5-acre fully-stocked lake. The swimmers will love to spend those warm spring and summer afternoons splashing about as you relax poolside. And with the nearby party pavilion and lakeside playground, residents and new home buyers will enjoy new activities day in and day out.  One of the many pluses to living in this beautiful subdivision is the Williamson County address that gives school-aged children access to the many top-tier educational facilities of the Williamson County Schools System.

    About the Borrower

    The property owner and borrower is a local-based residential and commercial general contractor.  He has been in business for 42 years.  He also owns mulitple other successful businesses. His gross revenues are over 11M annually and he earns over 1.8M in net income per year from his contracting business alone.  He has personally guaranteed the loan. The borrower has strong liquidity, a high credit score and a strong financial statement.  

    Why we like this loan

    There are many factors and reasons why we like this loan. The borrower for instance is a quality borrower who has a high credit score over 720, 42 years of proven track record in the building business and strong liquidity.  We also have collected 6 months of interest reserves and the property is rented.  The location of the property sitting on the highest hilltop in the Legends Ridge neighborhood with incredible views makes the real estate location irreplaceable.  Due to Covid and the influx of people moving from out West to the Nashville area make this property's value increase and very desirable.

    Our data structure is designed to protect your principal first

    >We efficiently filter each investment through our strict due diligence process. With us, you get the same terms as investment professionals, but you can invest as little as $25,000.

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    All opportunities are structured as loans with an expected return and duration.

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    Most offerings are senior secured, meaning you are first in line to be repaid.

    Short Durations

    We target durations of 6 months to 2 years.

    Paid Monthly

    Investors are paid automatically on or before the 15th of each month.

    How It Works?

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    Via email, you will be invited to access the newest offerings as they are made available

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    You identify an investment opportunity and commit to an investment amount within 48 hours of email by filling in online form provided in the email offering.

    Initial Onboarding

    If this is your first loan with Yieldi, our investor specialists will walk you through the onboarding process which includes signing your investor forms and answering any questions you have. This will happen within one day of investment amount commitment

    Wire Funds

    Once onboarded, you will receive wiring instructions and a confirmation of the wire amount from your investor specialist typically within 48 hours of your commitment and you will proceed to wire your funds.

    Loan Agreement

    Once Wire Received, you will receive a BPDN for the loan. This document secures your investment against the specific property the wire was sent for.

    Borrowers Pay

    The borrower’s payment is paid automatically on the 1st of the month via ACH

    Investors Get Paid

    Investors are paid on the 10th of the month. A payment will be automatically deposited into your account. You will receive a statement each month with a breakdown of all loans you have invested with Yieldi


    At loan maturity, you will have the opportunity to receive your money back or reinvest it

    Why Yieldi?

    How does Yieldi help it's borrowers?
    Watch to learn more.

    Why Yieldi?

    How does Yieldi help it's borrowers?
    Watch to learn more.

    Bryan Kujawski

    “Yieldi is a very attractive 'bucket' for investment for a number of reasons: the deals are carefully vetted and I can pick and choose exactly which deals I like best, all the deals have an excellent LTV and are always first mortgages which is great protection and, importantly, the amount I invest is totally flexible. Oh, and getting ~6% is very competitive. I wish Yieldi was around years ago!”

    Jay Parker

    "I've always wanted to invest in real estates in some way but didn't know how to begin and didn't have the time to figure it out. I'm thrilled that Joe and Josh took all the confusion away from investing. I feel like they take care of all the details and keep me informed on the progress. I love seeing what dividends I have earned. Thanks Yieldi!”