With significant experience in Tennessee, Yieldi provides hard money loans in the state of tennessee. Yieldi can close quickly in the state of tennessee for all of your hard money loans including Fix & Flip, Construction, Buy & Hold and any other hard money loan needs you may have.

Why Choose Yieldi as Your Hard Money Lender in Tennessee

Tennessee, with its lush landscapes and dynamic urban centers, invites investors to tap into its vast property potential. With Yieldi as your hard money lender in Tennessee, you’re not just securing financing—you’re gaining a partner tuned into the state’s unique real estate situation.

1. Tuned into Tennessee: Our team has a deep understanding of the Tennessee property market, spanning from Knoxville to Clarksville.

2. Experts with a Tennessee Touch: Our seasoned professionals are well-acquainted with the intricacies of Tennessee’s real estate scene, offering insights with a local flair.

3. Tailored Tennessee Loan Solutions: We’ve designed our hard money loans in Tennessee to be in sync with your property aspirations in the state.

4. Decisions as Swift as Tennessee Rivers: Capture prime Tennessee property opportunities with our fast and reliable lending decisions.

5. Seeing Beyond the Credit Score: In our evaluations, the inherent value and potential of Tennessee properties take center stage.

6. Straight Talk, Clear Terms: As a dedicated hard money lender in Tennessee, we prize transparency, ensuring all terms and conditions are crystal clear.

7. Tennessee Triumphs: Our track record in Tennessee shines with stories of satisfied investors and successful real estate ventures.

8. Confidence-Boosting Proof: Walk into any Tennessee property negotiation backed by our swift and solid proof of funds.

With Yieldi, you’re diving into Tennessee’s real estate market with a trusted partner, ready to support and guide you through each note and nuance of your property journey.

Tennessee Hard Money Loan Programs

  • 10-14% Interest Rates
  • Loan fee of 2-4%
  • Loans from $350,000 to $25,000,000
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Bridge Loans
  • New Construction / Fix & Flips
  • Buy & Hold and more
  • Loans to Company or LLC
  • Can close in as little as one week
  • Up to 70% Loan to Value
  • No Credit Minimums
  • Nashville Hard Money Loans
  • Chattanooga Hard Money Loans
  • Memphis Hard Money Loans
  • Knoxville Hard Money Loans and All Cities in Tennessee
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Tennessee Hard Money Loans By City

Yieldi offers hard money loans in every city across Tennessee. Explore the list below to find more information about the cities we serve.

Recent Tennessee Hard Money Loans

Condo Property
Commercial: Construction

Jefferson Plaza Condo Memphis, TN

Term Remaining Matured
Offering Size $2,000,000
Investment Range $1,500,000-$1,500,000
Nashville, TN
Residential Hard Money Loan

Nashville, TN

Term Remaining 2 Months
Offering Size $1,933,500
Investment Range $25,000-$300,000

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