Commercial & Residential Buy & Hold Loans

Buy and Hold Loans

Our Buy and Hold Loan Program is perfect for properties to be held as rentals or for longer terms.  Yieldi provides hard money loans to investors looking to hold a property for an unknown amount of time. The Buy and Hold Loan Program is great for investors who are purchasing or refinancing properties to be held as rentals.

Why Choose Yieldi for Buy and Hold Loans

In the realm of real estate investing, a “buy and hold” strategy involves purchasing property with the intent to hold onto it for an extended period, allowing it to appreciate in value while potentially generating rental income.

Given the long-term nature of this approach, choosing the right lender is critical. Here’s why Yieldi is your ideal choice for buy-and-hold loans:

1. Expertise in Long-Term Investments: Yieldi understands the nuances and challenges of buy and hold strategies, ensuring we’re perfectly aligned with your long-term vision.

2. Competitive Rates: With a commitment to fostering long-term relationships, we offer attractive interest rates, keeping your investment costs manageable.

3. Flexible Loan Terms: We cater to diverse investor needs, offering various loan durations and conditions to suit your unique financial situation.

4. Swift Approval Process: Yieldi believes in empowering investors. Our efficient approval process means you can lock in a promising property deal without unnecessary delays.

5. Transparent Fees: With Yieldi, there are no hidden surprises. We pride ourselves on being transparent about all fees, ensuring you can plan your investment effectively.

6. Personalized Consultations: Every property and market has its peculiarities. Our team provides personalized guidance, ensuring you make informed decisions every step of the way.

7. Reliability and Trust: As a seasoned lender, Yieldi has built a reputation for reliability. We stand by our commitments, ensuring you can move forward with confidence.

8. Comprehensive Support: Beyond the loan itself, Yieldi offers support, from understanding property value dynamics to navigating potential rental income scenarios.

By choosing Yieldi as your partner in buy-and-hold loans, you’re not just securing a loan, but gaining an ally. We are committed to helping investors realize their long-term real estate aspirations, offering the resources, expertise, and dedication to ensure your property venture succeeds.

Loan Terms

  • Can close loan in as little as 5 business days
  • Typical loan of up to 70% Loan to Value
  • 6 month prepayment penalty
  • Loans to Company or LLC
  • 10% to 13% Monthly Payments
  • Origination fees of 2-5 Points
  • Loans from $350,000 to $25,000,000
  • 12-18 Month Term (w/ extension provisions)
  • Lenders Title Policy Required
  • Residential & Commercial Construction Welcome
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